The psychotic or psychedelic space in which the mind lives, separated from the strictly provable dimensions of the human experience, the space between the mind and the senses, this more than anything is the subject of Three Sisters. Reality is out there, somewhere, but seen through the eyes of the crazed and unreliable senses of the characters, distorted beyond easy recognition.

In Margret's Story, Margret sleeps, manipulated by a showman to dance and prostitute herself for his profit. Somnambulist, she prowls the night time city and murders, strangling men who would buy or take her body. Fredrick, an unemployed policeman, watches her from his window through a spyglass. He obsesses over the woman he does not know, sketching, spying. Language moves between nonsense and sense, metaphor point into the dark unknown, illuminating flashes of deeper but poorly understood currents. Fredrick is recruited to catch the killer by the vulgar and inarticulate police man Tom, and when he discovers the truth, that the killer is his longed for woman in white, he must choose between his duty to the law and his love for the sleeping woman, and try to save her from her manipulative showman, from the vulgar and simple minded police, and from her own incurable slumber. Will his love be enough, can love be enough to save the object of that love?

In Jane's story, Jane fills her body with an unknown cocktail of pills, both encouraged and abused by an enabling boyfriend. Her grip on reality, her ability to perceive the difference between herself and characters on her television, between reality and hallucination, disintegrates into a haze of alcohol and pills. But this is not a comfortable numb stupor. There are monsters here, and through a haze of confused perception the monster comes for her.

She retreats into the protection of three feral children hiding in the cupboard, but they cannot keep her mind from shifting away, back into the abusive reality of her life with her boyfriend, or into the clutches of the monster. Addled and abused, she breaks and determines to fight. She recruits the girls and together they set off to murder the monster of her hallucinatory dreams.

The third sister is as of yet undetermined. Two scripts exist, neither of which has proven producible, yet.

The release of Three Sisters remains uncertain. Margret's Story and Jane's story are essentially complete, and may be released in some way independent of the larger project. How, or if, the third sister plays out will determine the shape of the final product, whether a feature length DVD or independent shorts.


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